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Reseller vs Affiliate Programs

The two main options that a web design or a development business provide to their client is Affiliate programs and reseller hosting. This is a difficult option for the clients to choose as both Reseller and Affiliate hosting have their own, but we have gathered some of the advantages of both and listed below.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting enables you to use a third-party provider server to sell your plans. This is usually accompanied by a monthly fee, which depends on the resources you are renting. Reseller hosting ensures that you have a more steady secondary income, which can be useful when you do not have to work on new projects. If you are planning to expand your business, all you have to do is offer services which can build your website. It is necessary that a reselling website offers support to the clients, which can demand work. The quality of the services they provide is as good as any hosting providers.

Affiliate hosting

Affiliate hosting involves the selling of plans where you advertise your services of the chosen hosting provider. An affiliate marketer can include one or more links to the hosting provider on your website. Every time someone uses the link to purchase something, you will be sure to receive a commission and the amount is generally dependent on the service provider. With this type of hosting, you do not need to provide support and you are not responsible for any experience or assistance. Also, joining an affiliate programme is free, which makes it inexpensive and a source of income. Although you can earn some extra money with affiliate hosting it does not give an opportunity to grow your business as you have less control over the hosting services, and also you need to make sure that you are reliable provider before going this route.

The best pick for your business

Both reselling and affiliate marketing have their benefits, but what fits you business is difficult to determine as you have kept the needs of your clients first. One way you can determine which hosting services best fits your business is by comparing the time taken to do the work as a reseller hosting services requires more work than affiliate programs do. Security is a big issue as well and something that you should consider when making a decision. If you have an already existing business, it is necessary that you know you have enough time to invest in the reseller hosting as it requires a lot of attention or else you are better off opting for an affiliate program for a better strategy. Also, affiliate programs are free to join and with reseller hosting, you will have to pay a monthly fee depending on the service provider while choosing the right service provider it is necessary that you keep the clients in mind.

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