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VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Which Is Best for Your Site?

One of the things that you should consider before upgrading your hosting servers would be to understanding the types of hosting servers. Generally, people have to choose from VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. In this article, we are going to be discussing both the types of hosting servers and you can decide which can work best for your site.

Determine your baseline

There is a certain baseline that a hosting service has to stand at before choosing the right plan. The number of CPU cores, the amount of RAM and the storage disk which can be a cheaper and a traditional option. One main thing to consider before resource allocation on a server the number of websites and blogs you use.

VPS hosting is virtually private

VPS hosting is much more similar to shared hosting where you host multiple websites but present them as a single physical server. The main difference between the two is the restrictions placed on the use of the resource. The resource allocation is divided equally and having a shared pool of resources can be much more powerful.

Dedicated servers are all yours

As the name implies the whole server is dedicated to serving your blog, you are basically given an empty server where you can put whatever you want. The web hosts offer many physical configurations which match your specifications exactly. A dedicated server has little to no control over the server environment, and the VPS options are limitedly placed, which can give you a 100% control over the software.

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated servers

There are many similarities between VPS hosting and dedicated servers, but both offer a different level of control which is a great option for software when installing some ways you can select your hosting servers include


VPS plans are cheaper than dedicated plans as there are many customers in a single server, but a dedicated server will cost you over $30 per month.

The Most Efficient Multi-Hosting Environment

For many people they want to host multiple websites in the most efficient way. People use this for SEO as well as people who runs multiple companies. There is a SEO technique using PBNs to power your main website, in this case it would be best to use a dedicated PBN Hosting service. You can also use your own VPS/Dedicated methods but it becomes a lot more costly. There are ways to use 1 VPS and generate multiple IPs for each of your websites which could be the best method of doing this at a large scale, but it’s advised to test a few methods and work out which one is best for you and your company.

Managed vs unmanaged options

The work you need to put into setting up, managing and maintaining your web hosting environment as there are two extreme spectrums from managed vs unmanaged options where the managed options give you plan where web host takes care of everything related to servers software, but an unmanaged plan is where you are responsible for everything. Generally, many servers come in between the spectrum, which is also heavily influenced by your budget.


One important thing one needs to consider before buying a server is looking at security options. The VPS servers is hosting many websites in one place where you might have to worry about what other websites are doing, but when it comes to dedicated software, they have the edge as you are one who is managing alone. If you want it all done for you, then you can employ MacHacking to do it for you. We are incredibly rigorous in our approach which is why we have a 100% lifetime guarantee.

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